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Oddział HSJ w Stalowej Woli

37-450 Stalowa Wola,
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Prefabrication services

The organizational structure of HSJ S.A. includes the Special Production Department equipped with machinery, which includes a shot-blasting machine, a modern laser, a gas and plasma cutting machine and a press for bending. According to the customer's specifications and drawings, we supply components ready for assembly in any geometrical shapes. Through continuous development and improvement of cutting and welding methods, we are able to offer improved quality of the components made, thus reducing the waste of materials for the customers and improving the efficiency of their production.

We also have the appropriate permissions to carry out welding work which gives us the ability to perform complex jobs requiring combining elements by welding. The steels welded by the team of our specialists continuously maintain superior weld quality and ballistic properties. We can combine different grades and thicknesses of steel. Our specialists are very knowledgeable about the properties of special steels, which is why your production will become cost-effective and will have a low level of risk associated with the processing of the material, because we provide high surface quality, cutting precision and process flexibility when changing the profile of production ordered. Our cleaner machine allows for obtaining surface cleanliness in Class Sa 3.


We are newly established and dynamically developing branch of Huta Stali Jakościowych S.A.

We offer a comprehensive service and manufacturing system in the field of processing all types of sheet metal. 
We offer services performed on industrial CNC machines in the following areas:

  • cutting

         - laser (also engraving)
         - plasma
         - gas

  • shot blasting
  • welding
  • bending

The modern equipent and highly qualified staff at our disposal provides comprehensive performance for both semi-finished and finished products. We work on the basis of technical documentation provided by the customer or on the basis of our own documentation prepared by our technologists.


  • Thermal cutting

Services, Prefabrication services, thermal cutting    We have a FIBRE laser cutter with a table size 2000x6000mm, allowing for cutting sheet metal of thickness:

    - structural steel/alloy steel up to 16 mm;
    - Hadfield steel up to 12 mm;
    - stainless steel up to 7 mm;
    - galvanized steel up to 4 mm;
    - aluminium 7 mm.

Our fibre cutter is characterized by a high level of accuracy in terms of shape-dimension of manufactured components and high-quality of cutting surface. In addition, our device allows for engraving of details with any symbols.
We also have a plasma cutter at our disposal with a table size of 9000x2500 on which we can cut sheet metal of thicknesses up to 20mm.
Elements in the thickness range of 20-140mm are processed on a gas cutter with a table size of 6000x2000mm.


  • Bending

Services, Prefabrication services, bending We have at our disposal bending brakes with a pressure of 800 tons.


  • Shot blasting

Services, Prefabrication services, Shot blasting
We have a shot blasting machine with a working window size of 2120x650mm.

The shot blasting process provides the opportunity to anneal surfaces, clean scale form metal sheets or elements, debur, while also allowing the attainment of an appropriate surface structure.  
Our equipment has the ability to obtain surface cleanliness in class of Sa 3.



  • Welding

Services, Prefabrication services, Welding


We provide services in welding and construction of assemblies made of structural steels, stainless steel and aluminium.We have a 400A squirt welder and TIG of power 270A at our disposal. Our welders have higher grade qualifications for welding with methods of 131 MIG, 135 MAG, 141 TIG and also have higher grade qualifications test welds by ultrasonic flaw detector.

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