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CC billets are fed into the rolling mill of long-products and flat products. The quality of steel products achieved on the basis of EAF, LF, VD, VOD and COS technologies guarantees the production of rolled products with the highest parameters of steel purity, gas content and mechanical properties.

The mass of one melt (c. 42 tones) allows for high flexibility in terms of the diversity of types of steel and sizes in a single customer order. We produce steel according to individual technical conditions and customer specifications, as well as designing chemical compositions of steel for achieving the expected parameters of mechanical and performance properties.

HSJ S.A. has the approval of the TÜV Nord in the following grades and conditions of reception:

Long production rolling mill





delivery condition

RSt 37-2,

DIN 17100



AD W9/W13 TFID 107


DIN EN 10025-2

AD2000 W9/W13

St 37-3

DIN 17100

AD W9/W10/W13 TRD107


DIN EN 10025-2

AD2000 W9/W10NV13

St 52-3

DIN 17100

AD W9/W10/W13 TRD 107


DIN EN 10025-2


C22. 8

DIN 17243

AD W9/13 TRD 107

P245G H

DIN EN 102222

AD2000 W9/W13

P250G H

DIN EN 10273

AD 2000-W9/W13 TRD 107

C 22.3 (1.0427)

Vd TÜV 364 *1

AD W9/W12/W13 TRD107

34CrM04 (1 .7220)

DIN EN 10083-1


DIN EN 10083-1


*1 acceptance 3.2



Billet size [mm] Execution tolerance [mm] Mass 1mb [mm] Edge radius R[mm]
50 +/-1.0 19,30 7
55 23,20 9
60 27,70
65 32,60
70 +/-1.5 37,90
75 43,20 12
80 49,30
85 55,70
90 62,60 18
95 70,10
100 +/-2.0 77,00
110 93,00  
120 +/-2.5 111,00 20
130 +/-3.0 130,00


  • Delivery condition: as rolled, soft annealed, normalized
  • Lengths: standard 3000 – 6200 mm and in exact lengths or with deviation +/-100mm and multiple length
  • Straightness according to EN 10060 or DIN 1013
  • Purpose: for forging or further rolling
  • Surface: after rolling or shot blasting surface quality – standard EN 10221 class C, after adjustment scratches max 0.3 mm from examination of surface defects in magnetic flaw detector
  • Internal quality: SEP 1920 B3 and EN10308 class 3
  • Technical conditions of execution: EN 10083, EN 10088, EN 10025, DIN 17200, DIN 17100 and others along with the customer’s material specifications

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