Cognor Spółka Akcyjna
Oddział HSJ w Stalowej Woli

37-450 Stalowa Wola,
ul. Kwiatkowskiego 1
tel. +48 510 223 527
tel. +48 15 813 51 84
fax: +48 15 844 23 06

How to reach us

Department of scrap management

The Department of Scrap Management takes care of  scrap supplies protection to HSJ S.A., scrap classification and wide/ in securing the supply of the scrap , wider economy of storage of scrap steel management from accepting and counting scrap supplies after co

The Department of Scrap Management takes care of  securing of scrap supplies  to HSJ S.A., scrap management, storage and classification

We invite to cooperation companies interested in providing scrap to our steel mill.

Basic requirements concerning scrap ( details in terms and condition of scrap reception).

Input/feedstock steel scrap non alloyed, not containing dangerous and  exploding items,  closed vessels and radioactive material, with dimensions max 1200 x 500 x 500 max burden/ weight 300 kg, sorted according to class as below:


HSF-1           post amortization min. thickness 3 mm

HSF-1S        min. thickness 3 mm max. dimensions 500 x 500 x 500

HSF-2           min. thickness 6 mm

HSF-3G        min. thickness 10 mm

HSF-4           post production min. thickness 4 mm

HSF-6           steel chips


Low-alloyed steel scrap : example grades of steel containing alloying elements :

WNL, 34CrNiMo6,  30CrNiMo8, 17HNM, 23MnNiMoCr54, 23MnNiCrMo52, WLV, WCL, 42CrMo4, 20CrMo5, 13CrMo44, 10CrMo9-10, 19CrNi5, 18H2N2, 30HGSNA.



Mariusz Kuziorowicz – Chief/ Manager

mobile +48 508 032 556

fax.: +48 15 844 23 06

e-mail: mkuziorowicz(at)


Jacek Wojtyna – Manager of Scrap Warehouse

mobile  +48 602 737 340

e-mail: jwojtyna(at)


Krzysztof Butryn – Sales Specialist

mobile  +48 510 223 275

e-mail: kbutryn(at)

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