Cognor Spółka Akcyjna
Oddział HSJ w Stalowej Woli

37-450 Stalowa Wola,
ul. Kwiatkowskiego 1
tel. +48 510 223 527
tel. +48 15 813 51 84
fax: +48 15 844 23 06

How to reach us


We would like to inform that we are planning investments  for a new rolling mill line with an  annual capacity of ~300 K Mg, in the below scope of dimensions:

  • Round bars ø 55 - ø 220 mm
  • Square billets from kw. 50 ÷ kw. 200 mm
  • Distances from 4000 ÷ 8000 mm
  • Tolerances ¼ DIN
  • Standard straightness 2 mm/mb.

Materials for forming and machining can be delivered in delivery conditons as below:

  • raw
  • suitable for cold cutting
  • softened
  • normalized
  • quenched and tempered steel.

In reference to the above, we kindly ask for any  information which will help us to prepare a full estimation and assessment of your needs in range of the above assortment.

 Please give information about the average annual demand in products , as below:

  • Name of the company
  • E-mail
  • Round bars ø 55 - ø 120 mm
  • Square bars (130-200mm)
  • Round billets ø 50 - ø 130 mm
  • Square billets (140-200mm)

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