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Oddział HSJ w Stalowej Woli

37-450 Stalowa Wola,
ul. Kwiatkowskiego 1
tel. +48 510 223 527
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fax: +48 15 844 23 06

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COGNOR SA ODDZIAŁ HSJ W STALOWEJ WOLI (Branch HSJ) in a result of organizational and ownership restructuring, became part of the COGNOR GROUP and is continuing its tradition of 75 years of producing quality steel and rolled products in Stalowa Wola. Throughout the  year we produce around 250 different steel grades and their variations which are casted on the machine for continuous casting [CC] and in ingots. 

The participation of steel casted on CC machine is 95%. Steel casted on CC consists mostly batch designed for long products: square billets, round bars and sheets. Full base of products, grades and dimensions for ingots from CC and ingots poured in  forms, long and flat products include around 11000 positions. We supply many industries in Poland and abroad, such as: automotive, mining, construction, heavy machinery and others.



The high quality of our products is confirmed by numerous certificates and recognition of the leading classification societies in range of procedures used in the production and reception of steel production, semi-products and bars.

HSJ S.A implemented and currently use an  integrated system of quality management and work environment fulfilling requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Effective realization of company development strategy, employees commitment , application of modern technologies and manage- ment methods resulted in the production of around 200K tons of products and employment of  over 600 workers.


Our mission is to build a stable position HSJ SA as a leader in the steel industry. Providing our customers with the products of the highest quality allows to consistently build trust in our products and services. We are constantly striving to implement innovation in our technologies. All this makes us a reliable partner for our customers, employees and suppliers in the business. 



Our products are made of steel in a wide rangeof types and are used in many industries suchas the following: automotive, metallurgy, mining,railway, aviation, electrical machinery industryand other heavy machinery.


  • Carburizing steels (e.g. 16MnCr5, 16MnCrS5, 20MnCr5, 20MnCrS5, 18CrMo4, 15NiCr13,  18CrNiMo7-6, 17CrNi6-6, 18CrMo4; C10E, C10R, C15E, C15R)
  • Quenched and tempered (e.g. C35, C35E, C35R, C45E,C45, C40E, C45R, C55E, C55R, C50E, C55, C60E,C60R, C60, 28Mn6; 37Cr4, 37CrS4, 41Cr4, 41CrS4,25CrMo4, 25CrMoS4, 34CrMo4, 34CrMoS4, 42CrMo4,42CrMoS4, 50CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, 30CrNiMo8, 51CrV4)
  • With boron micro-alloy (e.g. 20MnB5, 30MnB5,38MnB5, 27MnCrB5-2, 15B28H, 15B30H, 15B37H), vanadium (e.g.. 21CrMoV5-7, 14MoV6-3, 30MnVS6), titanium, nitrogen, niobium.

These steels can be produced with an increased and controlled sulphur content to guarantee high machinability.

  • Nitriding steels (e.g. 31CrMoV9, 41CrAlMo7-10)
  • Free cutting steels (e.g. 10S20, 35S20, 46S20)
  • Corrosion resistant steels including:

- austenitic Cr-Ni, Cr-Ni-Ti, Cr-Ni-Mo-Ti, Cr-Ni-Si (e.g. X5CrNi18-10,X6CrNiTi18-10,X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2)

- fferritic (stainless and heat-resistant) with a chromium content of 25% and with additions of titanium or aluminum and silicon (e.g. X10CrAl7, X10CralSi7,X10CrAl13, X10CrAl18, X10CrAlSi18,X10CrAl24, X10CrAl24, X6Cr13, X12Cr13,X20Cr13, X30Cr13, X39Cr13, X6CrNiTi18,X5CrNi18-10)

  • carbon tool steels (e.g. N9E [~1.1830;~1.1625]) and alloy steels for cold work (e.g.90MnCrV8, NC6 [~1.2063], NCV1[~1.2235])and elevated temperatures (e.g. WCL[~1.2343], WNL [~1.2713])
  • bearing steels (e.g. 100Cr6)
  • spring steels (e.g. 51CrV4, 60SiCr7)
  • armour plate steel (e.g. ARMSTAL 500[30PM], ARMSTAL 450 [PM450], ARMSTAL550, 2P, 43PSM) and for the production ofartillery equipment (e.g. 32CrMoV12-10,S60, 45H1)
  • abrasion resistant steels (HARDSTAL 350 to500, Hadfield steel – X120Mn12)

Our steels are characterized by a low level of non-metallic inclusions and low content of oxygen and hydrogen, used for the manufacture of abrasion-resistant, especially loadbearing elements.

New methods of production started in recent years in HSJ S.A.


HSJ S.A. implements many investments in the modernization of production, improve safety and quality of production. The result of which is the introduction of new and improvement of existing production processes to increase efficiency providing the plant.

In October 2010. launched the technology of continuous casting Hadfield (X120Mn12, W. No. 1.3402). This is the first, successful, attempt at COS casting of this steel in the country. Steel smelted in an electric furnace and then subjected ladle refining and vacuum degassing.
In 2011 we implemented the technology of continuous casting slab section 130x800 mm stainless Hadfield intended as a feedstock for the sheet thickness 8 to 15 mm for mill TRIO. Developed casting parameters (degree of overheating and secondary cooling water distribution and delivery technology for rolling using heat of casting and rolling sheets of charge from continuous casting.
In 2012, we launched an innovative production line equipped with a special cleaner mash, modern laser cutting machine for cutting gas and plasma and bending press with a pressure of 800 tons. This allows you to offer a wide range of quality items with armor plates, straight and curved, carried out according to the needs of customers.

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